Seed Swap & Winter Seeding Workshop

About 30 people who wanted to get a head start on their gardens attended our workshop. The last Saturday in January is  National Seed Swap Day. Attendees prepared a mini-greenhouse from a gallon milk or water jug, and planted it with perennial seeds. The jug was taken home and put it outside in a sunny spot. Once spring arrives they should have plenty of new seedlings. This procedure also works with some vegetables and annual flowers by varying the planting times. Information sheets were available. Go to Winter Seeding information by Kevin Lee Jacobs for complete information.

The Grange has been accepted into the Seed Savers Exchange, “a non-profit organization that preserves heirloom plant varieties through regeneration, distribution and seed exchange.”  Attendees also brought their own seeds to swap. Plenty of planting and seed swapping was done, and enjoyed by all.