A Walk in the Garden with Liz Davey

Liz has been taping bi-weekly visits to her gardens which started in March 2014. They are shown on Norfolk Cable TV Show “A Walk in the Garden with Liz Davey” and are also posted on YouTube.

YEAR FIVE – 2018 Gardening Season

Episode 68 – February 12, 2018
Join Liz as she starts to think about Spring! She discusses what she has been doing outdoors to prepare, and also what gardening she has been getting done indoors. Then shows how to make some Valentin’s themed decorations, and a meal for two.

Episode 69 – March 28, 2018
Join Liz as she starts cleaning up her yard in preparation of the warmer spring weather. There’s always a lot of work to do to get it ready! She also shares some creative Easter/Spring decorating ideas, using some crafty techniques. Then, as always, she heads to the kitchen to prepare some tasty treats. Enjoy!

Episode 70 – April 18, 2018
April has had its ups and down weather-wise, but that hasn’t stopped Liz from getting into the garden! Liz begins planting in the vegetable garden, finds some herbs starting to grow, and starts thinking about new fish for the pond. Then in the kitchen she serves up a couple dishes that are simple, and quick to make, that way she can spend more time out in the garden!

Episode 71 – May 2, 2018
Planting, trimming, and prepping! The garden is starting to bloom and the work has just begun. Liz starts off in the kitchen to get a flavorful soup simmering, and then returns after some gardening to complete the meal with a side and a fruity dessert.

Episode 72 – May 14, 2018
Join Liz for another walk in the garden! Things are really blooming now, even in the shade where Liz educates us on just how many things can really thrive in the shade – no need to cut those trees down! Then in the kitchen she creates a creamy chicken dish, a light lemony salad, and some candied violets.

Episode 73 – June 1, 2018
Join Liz Davey for gardening tips, tricks, and some recipes using freshly picked ingredients!

Episode 74 – June 20, 2018
The flowers are in full bloom as are the herbs, and even some of the vegetables! Liz constructs a teepee trellis for some of the veggies, and then goes on to add some new plants to the pond in the shade garden. In the kitchen she is looking for quick and cool meals that will hit the spot after spending a hot day outside – a creative salad, and a little something special for dessert.

Episode 75 – July 2, 2018
Join Liz as she does some pruning, enjoys the blooming flowers of the perennial garden, then picks some vegetables that are ready to eat. In the kitchen she makes some 4th of July inspired dishes!

Episode 76 – July 17, 2018
Another beautiful day in the garden! Join Liz as she continues picking herbs and vegetables that are ripe and ready, builds a scare crow, and discusses a recent pest problem. Then in the kitchen she makes some fresh raspberry jam, a creamy pasta dish, and a dessert using the jam to finish off the meal!

Episode 77 – July 26, 2018
Join Liz as she walks through the garden on a humid July day. She discusses herbs she uses for things other than eating, how she’s dealing with the bunnies eating her vegetables, and checks on the fish in the shade garden pond. Then we get to see some special gnome homes and fairy gardens designed by Liz herself! In the kitchen she makes soup using her fresh broccoli, crostini, and then a little treat for her dog, Buddy!

Episode 78 – August 20, 2018
Liz is enjoying summer as the next season is just around the corner. Herbs and veggies are ripe for the picking, and while some flowers are in full bloom others are dying back. In the kitchen she makes some delicious foods with garden grown goods and other local produce – and it’s “as good as pie!”

Episode 79 – August 29, 2018
Another hot day in the garden as August comes to an end! There’s plenty to do, since despite the way it feels outside, Fall is just around the corner. Liz shows what’s still in bloom, plants some cuttings, and checks out what the vegetable garden is producing (hint: so many tomatoes and cucumbers!). Then in the kitchen she has an unofficial theme of parmesan and garlic as she adds those items to a delicious squash dish, a pasta dish, and a special lemony pesto. Enjoy!

Episode 80 – September 20, 2018
It’s mid-September and the weather is starting to change. There are still new things blooming while Summer comes to an end, and there are still plenty of things to pick from the vegetable garden. See how Liz starts prepping for Fall, and then check out what she makes in the kitchen with her fresh-picked garden goods!

Episode 81 – October 23 , 2018
Join Liz for a walk in the garden as she clears away plants affected by the frost, and plants some new plants that we will see next spring. Then in the kitchen she’s making some spooky food with a Halloween theme!

Episode 82 – November 15, 2018
Join Liz as she prepares for winter weather outside, and then prepares for Thanksgiving indoors. She finds creative ways to take gardening inside when the temperatures get low, and gives some simple tips for arranging a beautiful centerpiece. Then she shares some recipes that will be sure to delight guests, from pumpkin-shaped pumpkin rolls, to a poultry pot pie that will make you excited for leftover turkey!

Episode 83 – December 20, 2018
Join Liz for a chilly day in the garden, which quickly moves indoors! Liz then creates a variety of decorations using supplies from her own backyard. Finally, join her in the kitchen one more time in 2018 where she whips up some holiday treats.

YEAR FOUR ~ 2017 Gardening Season

Episode 52 – March 9, 2017
Spring is just around the corner and Liz is finding ways to get her garden ready for growing. Then she shares some recipes for St. Patrick’s Day goodies in the kitchen.

Episode 53 – March 29, 2017
Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean Liz won’t get some gardening done. She shares hints for planting seedlings and repotting house plants. Then we move on to crafts and she shows some exciting ways to decorate pots for your plants. Then we move into the kitchen where we get ready for an Easter or Spring brunch.

Episode 54 – April 21, 2017
Host, Liz Davey, walks us through her gardens to see what has started blooming. She plants some seeds in the vegetable garden and discusses how to keep the rows organized. Then we go into the kitchen where she shows us how to prepare a quick meal that will keep us full after a day of gardening.

Episode 55 – May 3, 2017
Everything seems to be blooming thanks to the warm weather starting! Liz has a lot of work to do tending the variety of flowers, and getting some fruits and veggies planted. She finishes off the walk in the garden with some quick recipes, highlighting her use of the freshly picked chives from the herb garden. Filmed on 4/27/17.

Episode 56 – May 18, 2017
It’s time to pay extra attention to the vegetable garden and start getting some seeds in the ground! Liz then takes us to the shade garden where we see a variety of shapes and colors popping up. Filmed on 5/9/17.

Episode 57 – June 16, 2017
Things are in full bloom in this episode of A Walk in the Garden. Liz works on planting a new herb, tending to the perennials, planting more vegetables, and getting the pond clean in the shade garden. In the kitchen she makes a delicious looking chicken dish with a cheesy appetizer, and a classic, s’mores, for dessert.

Episode 58 – June 14, 2017
Join Liz as she watches her gardens flourish! Then learn how to make a quick and tasty meal including muffins, and a cool summer salad.

Episode 59 – Jun 29, 2017
In this episode Liz discusses what needs to be done in the garden as it warms up. The herb garden needs little tending, but it’s now producing plenty of things to use in the kitchen! She keeps cool with recipes for an arugula salad and strawberry shortcakes, yum!

Episode 60 – July 12, 2017
Join Liz as she continues to tend to the gardens. She always has plenty to do, but she reminds us that we need to stop and enjoy the scenery sometimes too. Then in the kitchen, she shares a recipe for cookies that are sure to please a crowd, and a dinner filled with healthy garden-grown veggies!

Episode 61 – July 31, 2017
It’s a hot day, but Liz dutifully tends to her gardens – taking a little extra time in the shade garden to cool off. After the work is done she makes some summer treats for a tea time get-together.

Episode 62 – August 23, 2017
Liz has a few more things to plant in the vegetable garden before the harvesting seasons are over. She thinks ahead to what plants she may order for her future gardening too. Then she makes a picturesque free-form peach tart that looks as good as it tastes.

Episode 63 –  September 13, 2017
While we haven’t had a frost yet, Liz knows it’s time to think about it. She talks about her plans for certain plants going inside for the winter, gives a helpful tip for fall cleaning, and of course she shows us a variety of flowers and vegetables still blooming and producing. Then in the kitchen, Liz uses seasonal produce to create filling and delicious recipes.

Episode 64 – September 27, 2017

As Fall moves in, Liz is thinking about which plants need to come inside, and what preparations need to be done for those staying outside. She thinks ahead to what she will do differently next Spring. We see what method she is using to keep falling leaves out of the pond, and she spots some frogs. It’s also football season, so Liz decides to make some snacks to enjoy during a game!

Episode 65 – October 23, 2017

Its time to start cleaning up the garden as the first frosts of the season begin. It’s been an unusually warm October though, so there are still some things growing! Then in the kitchen, Liz makes some Halloween themed treats that are more fun than scary, and of course they all look delicious!

Episode 66 – November 20, 2017
It’s time for Thanksgiving! Liz starts by covering some of the tender plants to protect from the cold weather, and then harvests the last vegetables still growing. Then she moves into the house to create a Thanksgiving themed centerpiece and some delicious side dishes for the big day!

Episode 67 – December 7, 2017
Liz takes a quick walk outside to show what final winter preparations have been completed and then we head indoors. Liz shows how to make some beautiful winter decorations utilizing evergreens and some sparkly additions. Then she offers some ideas for gifts that you can make in your own kitchen!

YEAR THREE ~ 2016 Gardening Season

Episode 36 – January 29, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey checks on the state of her tender perennials covered by baskets for winter protection, instructs how to do a germination test on old seeds, begins some pre-season planting, and cooks a hearty beef stew accompanied by corn-and-potato scones and caramel popcorn.

Episode 37 – March 4, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey takes note of some of the herbs popping up in the herb garden, protects the perennial garden with deer spray, and hand-makes a delightfully decorative St. Patrick’s Day wreath accompanied by a delicious Irish holiday meal (with a twist!) including a Reuben dip, Reuben potato skins, and mint chocolate pretzel shamrocks for dessert!

Episode 38 – March 21, 2016
In this special indoor Easter edition, Liz demonstrates coloring eggs using natural homemade dye, uses planters to begin seeding peppers and tomatoes, creates and puts together cute holiday baskets, and cooks a delicious Easter Brunch including a breakfast pizza, egg and sweet potato nests, and adorable little bunny-shaped bread rolls!

Episode 39 – May 6, 2016
In this unique episode, Liz is joined by two young volunteers, Aislinn and Isabella, who help her pick herbs from the herb garden, plant peas in the vegetable garden, feed the fish in the koi pond, and put together a scrumptious English-style tea which includes shortbread cookies, finger sandwiches, brownies, and scones in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday!

Episode 40 – May 23, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey picks spices from the herb garden, prunes grapevines and hydrangea in the perennial garden, lays down weed-blocks and row covers in the vegetable garden, transfers tomato plants to larger pots in the garden shed, and puts together a light spring meal of pesto & sun-dried tomato pasta, chive popovers, and polenta cake with strawberries and whipped cream!

Episode 41 – June 10, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey plants mint and two varieties of thyme in the herb garden, reviews the state of the flowers in the perennial garden, plants summer squash and green and yellow beans in the vegetable garden, and crafts a delicious hot potato salad with salmon along with a rhubarb tart accompanied by a light May wine.

Episode 42 – July 8, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey waters herbs in the herb garden, reports about what’s blooming in the perennial garden, takes a short tour of the state of the vegetable garden, and creates a wonderful gorgonzola bruschetta, a white bean dip, pork tenderloin skewers with a scrumptious cream sauce, and seashell-shaped ice cream sandwiches!

Episode 43 – July 15, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey picks fresh oregano from the herb garden, creates her own hummingbird feeder and showcases the flowers in-bloom in the perennial garden, and puts together a scrumptious summer meal of pesto pasta, baked sweet potato chips with a creamy cilantro dip, and a strawberry tiramisu!

Episode 44 – August 22, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey showcases the variety of flavors in the herb garden, trims some of the flowers in the perennial garden, introduces this year’s scarecrow in the vegetable garden, demonstrates an easier way to water a hanging pot plant, and tosses together a tasty noodle salad with homemade peanut dressing accompanied by freshly baked blueberry scones with an orange glaze icing.

Episode 45 – August 26, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey discusses the effects of the drought and the water ban on the herb garden and perennial garden, provides updates about the state of the plants in the vegetable garden, demonstrates a technique for preserving small plant cuttings, and puts together a tasty summer meal of vegetable stir-fry, green bean fries with homemade honey-mustard sauce, fresh lemonade, and mini lavender-nectarine cupcakes!

Episode 46 – September 6, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey pics some pungent herbs from the herb garden, gathers seeds from some of the plants in the perennial garden, plants spinach in the vegetable garden, demonstrates an innovative and eco-friendly way to keep plants watered while going away on vacation, and marinates a scrumptious chicken thigh shawarma accompanied by a spicy Israeli salad, grilled corn cakes, and peach-filled pastry cones for dessert!

Episode 47 – September 16, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey gathers sage from the herb garden to preserve for the winter, plants chrysanthemums in the perennial garden, picks green onions and shallots from the vegetable garden, takes cuttings of tender annuals at the potting bench, harvests garlic for storage and planting in the fall, and hand-makes a delicious zucchini galette, baked chicken chimichangas, and a lemon custard pie!

Episode 48 – September 30, 2016
In this episode, host Liz Davey pots rosemary from the herb garden to take inside, hand-waters flowers in the perennial garden, reviews the state of the vegetable garden and showcases a Mexican sunflower, prepares cuttings for the winter at the potting bench, shows how to protect the koi pond during the winter, and prepares a delicious end-of-summer meal consisting of an apple and cabbage salad, a sweet potato and bacon salad, German bratwurst with rye buns, and pumpkin cookies with chocolate kisses!

Episode 49 – October 31, 2016
In this special Halloween episode, host Liz Davey trims some of the plants in the herb garden, plants tulips in the perennial garden, plants garlic in the vegetable garden, uses pine needles to cover the garden paths for winter, feeds the fish in the koi pond, crafts a delightful fall pumpkin centerpiece, and puts together a ghoulish seasonal meal including an autumn salad, a spooky twist on shepherd’s pie, and creepily fun “ghost” and “spider” cookies!

Episode 50 – Dec 9, 2016
Host Liz Davey celebrates her 50th EPISODE by sprinkling lime powder on the herb garden, spreading straw to help protect the perennial garden, picking Brussels sprouts and golden beets from the vegetable garden, showcasing a decorated planter, and demonstrating recipes for a delicious post-Thanksgiving meal of turkey Tetrazzini, a cranberry-gelatin tart, and chocolate chip cookies decorated as turkeys!

Episode 51 – Dec 20, 2016
In this special Christmas episode, Liz reviews the seasonal winter preparation for the herb and perennial gardens, showcases her winter bird feeders, handcrafts a punched tin candle holder and two holiday greens arrangements, and puts together a festive dinner including cheese ball lollipops, fresh apple slices topped with crumbled gorgonzola and candied walnuts, and a variety of colorful Christmas cookies!

YEAR TWO ~ 2015 Gardening Season

Episode 19 – February 13, 2015
Episode 21 – April 3, 2015
Episode 22 – May 1, 2015
Episode 23 – May 26, 2015
Episode 24 – June 12, 2015
Episode 25 – June 26, 2015
Episode 26 – July 14, 2015
Episode 27 – July 31, 2015
Episode 28 – August 14, 2015
Episode 29 – August 28, 2015
Episode 30 – September 4, 2015
Episode 31 – September 29, 2015
Episode 32 – October 9, 2015
Episode 33 – October 30, 2015
Episode 34 – November 24, 2015
Episode 35 – December 18, 2015

YEAR ONE ~ 2014 Gardening Season

It is fun to relook at last year’s videos and learn timely garden tips from Liz.

Episode 1 – March 28, 2014
Episode 2 – April 14, 2014
Episode 3 – April 24, 2014
Episode 4 – May 12, 2014
Episode 5 – May 29, 2014
Episode 6 – June 6, 2014
Episode 7 – June 20, 2014
Episode 8 – July 3, 2014
Episode 9 – July 28, 2014
Episode 10 – August 12, 2014
Episode 11 – August 27, 2014
Episode 12  – September 29, 2014 – filmed at the H. Olive Day Elementary School Butterfly Garden
Episode 13 – October 21, 2014
Episode 14 – October 27, 2014
Episode 15 – November 11, 2014
Episode 16 – December 1, 2014
Episode 17 – December 1, 2014
Episode 18 – December 18, 2014