About Us

About Us

Pink Lady's Slipper ~ Club Flower

Pink Lady Slipper ~ Club Flower

The Garden Club of Norfolk was founded in December of 1985, with Helena Drolette as its founding President. The Club joined the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. in February of 1988, as part of the Central South District. The Garden Club of Norfolk is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. 

The Garden Club of Norfolk is a non-profit organization that instructs its members and the public on all areas of horticulture and stimulates interest in the beautification of our community. Our club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and is thriving after 31 years. Our active and honorary members are interested gardeners with all levels of experience.

Our Objectives

  • advancement of gardening
  • development of home grounds
  • furthering of civic beautification
Join Us

We welcome new members. Contact either Anne Prior or Michele Drolette, our co-presidents, if you are interested in joining our club.

2017-2018 Membership Form

Club Officers

Co-Presidents                        Anne Prior & Michele Drolette
Second Vice-President        Tricia Romanus
Recording Secretary            Stephanie Markham
Corresponding Secretary   Liz Davey
Treasurer                                Sharon Pierce
Membership                           Sharon Pierce

Our Program

Our program includes guest speakers from our community and throughout the New England area who share their expertise in horticulture, floral design, conservation, civic beautification, landscape design, and gardening. We also provide hands-on craft and flower arranging workshops.

Meetings and Workshops

Our meetings and workshops are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., except in January when there is no meeting. Meetings take place in the Community Room of the Norfolk Public Library unless otherwise noted in the calendar.

ACE (Action Committee for Environment)

ACE is organized by a core group of members who are committed to civic beautification and who have taken ownership of particular areas within the Town of Norfolk. Each ACE area has its own committee; any member is welcome to join and help in any of the areas. Each committee is responsible for the design, planting, and maintenance (deadheading, weeding, watering) during the summer months. Each committee acts independently and the club provides flowers. The Garden Club is currently responsible for the following areas: Center of Town Roundabouts, H. Olive Day School Sign, H. Olive Day School Butterfly Garden, Police and Fire Station Sign, Town Hall Sign, Town Hall Planters, Town Hill Adele’s Bird House Garden, Town Hill Herb Garden, Town Hill Rose Garden, and Train Station Planters.

Each month the Garden Club also places a floral arrangement in the Norfolk Public Library.

Hospitality Committee

Each member serves on one Hospitality Committee each year. Monthly Responsibilities are:

  • Arrange a meeting to decide on the refreshments and floral theme for the meeting.
  • Arrive 45 minutes prior to the meeting to set up chairs and tables and assist speaker in loading and unloading and setting up necessary materials. Provide refreshments and paper goods. Stay and participate in cleanup after the meeting.
  • If unable to fulfill duties on this committee,  please arrange for a substitute and contact other monthly hospitality committee members.

Spring Plant and Bake Sale
Each spring, a Plant and Bake Sale, is held on the Norfolk Town Hill and Gazebo. A wide selection of perennials supplied from our club members’ gardens benefit civic beautification and club projects. Members are on hand to answer gardening questions.

Committee Chairman

ACE Coordinator:  Gail Tuveson
Awards/Grants: Emily Nicodemus
Club Photographer: Gail Tuveson
Historian:  Gail Tuveson
Garden Therapy:
Sally Eykel
Hospitality: Anne Prior
Newsletter: Liz Davey
Plant & Bake Sale: Michelle Noonan & Monica Weiss
Publicity:  Liz Davey
Scholarships: Ann Gramer
Yearbook:  Emily Nicodemus
Website: Emily Nicodemus & Stephanie Markham

ACE Committees
The Garden Club is currently responsible for the following areas. (Chairperson)

Center of Town Roundabouts: (Joanne Wason), Dot Chitty
Olive Day School Sign: Joanne Wason
Olive Day School Butterfly Garden: (Stephanie Markham, Emily Nicodemus), Michelle Noonan, Martha Richardson
Police and Fire Station Sign: Sharon Fenton, Nia Tzellas-Davis, Lyn Benton, Sam Benton
Town Hall Planters: (Sharon Pierce), Monica Weiss, Ann Gramer
Town Hill Adele’s Birdhouse Garden and Town Hall Sign: (Leslie Lincoln), Ann Hanssen
Town Hill Herb Garden: (Susan Brindley), Liz Davey
Town Hill Rose Garden: (Liz Davey), Susan Brindley, Mathew Noiseux, Nia Tzellas-Davis
Train Station Planters: Ann Marie Hennessey

Library Flowers: (Gail Tuveson)
August: Gail Tuveson
September: Michele Drolette
October: Helena Drolette
November: Ann Hanssen & Michelle Noonan
December:  Lyn Benton & Sam Benton
January: Tricia Romanus
February: Sharon Pierce
March: Liz Davey
April: Susan Schmidt
May: Anne Prior
June: Susan Brindley

Former Presidents

2015-2017  Liz Davey
2013-2015  Sharon Pierce
2011-2013  Martha  Richardson
2010-2011  Mary Gould
2008-2010  Brenda Zolli
2005-2008  Gail Tuveson
2003-2005  Helena Drolette
2002-2003  Anna Sevy
2000-2002  Gail McCaffrey
1998-2000  Gail Tuveson
1996-1998  Helena Drolette
1994-1996  Lisa Shook
1993-1994  Rita Partridge
1991-1993  Debby DeBello
1989-1991  Jan Conklin
1988-1989  Tricia Cochran
1987-1988  Joan Smith
1985-1987  Helena Drolette