COVID-19 Essential Workers Honored 

The Garden Club of Norfolk said “Thank You” to all essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic by planting and dedicating a Vanderwolf Pine Tree on Norfolk’s Town Hill. The tree, which was planted by club members in August, was dedicated on Sunday October 18, 2020. The club wanted to honor the bravery and sacrifice of essential workers during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic including frontline heroes: doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare professionals treating people with COVID-19 and the unsung heroes, including policemen, firemen, teachers, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, food service providers, and mail carriers, among many others, who are putting their lives at risk each day to keep us and our families safe.This tree represents gratitude from the Garden Club of Norfolk towards all our Essential Workers. The club hopes it is a place they can come and feel pride and appreciation for the sacrifices they made in 2020. And a place where we can all reflect and remember their dedication during this difficult time.

The club chose a Vanderwolf pine, pinus flexilis, because it is drought resistant once established. The tree will be a lasting tribute to the essential workers in Norfolk. A plaque at the base of the tree is inscribed: “Vanderwolf Pine in honor of COVID-19 Essential Workers, 2020, Garden Club of Norfolk.”

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A Smarter Fall Cleanup
“We now know that an overly aggressive approach to cleaning up in autumn can damage the environment. So what’s a responsible gardener to do?

When we mow over, shred or vacuum up leaves, or rake them away from the tree they fell from, we diminish the potential good that the leaves and their various inhabitants — all essential players in the food web — can do.” By Margaret Roach, New York Time, Sept 30, 2020 – Read her full story,  Smart Fall Cleanup