Library Flowers

Individual members create a monthly flower arrangement for display at the Norfolk Public Library.  Each arrangement is a challenge to create cost effective, creative arrangements that will last a month, which is a no easy task in the dry environment of the library or when winter storms limit flower selection.  Displays are appropriate to the season.  Our goal is to have our more experienced members share their tips: how to have an arrangement last a month, sources for flowers and plants, using home garden/yard plant materials.  We hope that the arrangements will inform the general public and our members and encourage them to try it themselves.   

Arrangements are donated by the designer or may request a stipend for up to $25.00 from the garden club.   

This civic project was started in the late 1990’s and continues to this day as part of our Norfolk Civic Gardens.  The Garden Club of Norfolk is committed to civic beautification and have taken ownership of particular areas within the town; in which the Library Flower arrangement is part of a larger project.   Library personnel, library patrons and members have expressed their delight in seeing what next month will bring!!