Civic Development Grant for upgrading the Memorial Rose Garden

GCN Receives Civic Development Grantcivic grant award
Liz Davey accepted a Civic Development Grant from Suzanne McCance, President of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, at their Annual Fall Conference on October 25, 2017. Grant monies will be used to restore and renovate the Memorial Rose Garden on Town Hill. The plan includes a review of the site’s location, soil, light and watering needs, consultation with a rose gardening expert, removal of invasive plants, and purchase of plant material (roses and perennials) and supporting structures, planting, and installation of all plant material. All work with be performed by Garden Club members and a new system of watering that is amenable to roses will be deployed with the assistance of the Town of Norfolk DPW.

Purpose of project: The purpose of the project is to create a Memorial Rose Garden that fulfills Mary Gould’s original intent for the area and recognizes not only her family members, but also honors the victims of the 9/11 tragedy and those whose commemorative bricks surround the statue.


  • Learn what influenced the garden’s failure in the past.
  • Learn about sustainable rose gardening.
  • Design a new plan for the garden to restore its original intent.
  • Remove invasive plants, grasses, spreading perennials and weeds, while keeping plants that fit the new plan.
  • Work with town DPW to provide a new way to water the roses.
  • Plant sustainable roses and companion plants according to the plan.
  • Devise an ongoing monthly schedule of maintenance for the garden.



Rose Garden Ribbon Cutting – June 23, 2018

Winter preparation, 2018/19

Manure was spread on the crowns of each rose and marsh hay on the more tender plants in the herb garden to protect them from winter.