Kingsbury Pond

“Kingsbury Pond is located in the northwest corner of Norfolk, MA and was once considered a 26 acre Great Pond of Massachusetts. In 1964, the town of Norfolk gave Franklin a piece of land approx. 3000 yards from Kingsbury Pond, allowing Franklin to drill a well to supplement their water supply. Since that day, Kingsbury Pond’s water levels have steadily began to drop. Studies performed over the last 40 years show the direct impact Franklin’s well has had on Kingsbury Pond. Local pond residents have been fighting the battle to reduce Franklin’s pumping from this well for decades, but Franklin’s ever-growing population and their need for drinking water has forced most pond residents to give up hope.

In 2015, Kingsbury Pond has shrunk to unthinkable levels. What was once a 26 acre pond is now a disgraceful puddle. If this issue is not immediately addressed, there’s a chance the aquifer beneath Kingsburg will never be given a chance to recharge and could potentially be gone forever.” Franklin Matters

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