Outreach Projects 2017-2018

The Garden Club of Norfolk participates in many community events and fairs to provide gardening information to the community, promote the objectives of local, state, regional and national Garden Clubs, showcase local gardening activities and encourage garden club membership.

Farmer’s Market Bake Sale
Our bake sale at the Farmer’s Market on the Norfolk Town Hill in September 2017 was a great success. The club plans to hold many more during the summer and fall of 2018.

Stony Brook Nature Sanctuary Fall Fair with special event ~ Wood Duck Derby, 108 North Street, Norfolk, MA

It was a great day at the Garden Club of Norfolk table at Stony Brook Fall Fair, with lots of excitement and fun! Jessica Watson loaned us her Monarch chrysalis, which proceeded to emerge and expand while we watched over the course of a couple of hours, causing excited oohs and aaahs from the kids and parents gathered around to watch! Madeline Champagne answered innumerable butterfly questions for visitors, including explaining the whole process as the newly emerged Monarch unfurled, pumped up her wings and got ready to take off. After a couple of hours of drying off and getting ready, our little Monarch was released into the butterfly garden and floated away, hopefully well away on her trip to Mexico!

Michelle Noonan’s Black Swallowtail caterpillars were a big hit too, especially when one of them made a chrysalis right in front of our eyes over the course of about a minute!

My friend Lucy, visiting from New Jersey, wore Madeline’s infamous butterfly wings to promote our table. She also helped the kids out making butterfly masks, wands and caterpillars.

Even though there wasn’t much blooming in the butterfly garden this late, plenty of people went in to explore, and we gave away almost all of the hundreds of seed packets Emily Nicodemus made up – lots of people will be growing milkweeds, anise hyssop, boneset, cosmos, columbine, and hollyhocks in their gardens. Liz Davey and I handed out a good number of GCN bookmarks and flyers about the November fundraiser; hopefully we’ll see some new folks coming to future meetings.

Thanks, everyone, for making it such a fun occasion! We were pretty tired at the end of the day, but I think a good time was had by all! Submitted by Stephanie Markham

Norfolk Volunteer Event, Norfolk Library, Community Room, 139 Main Street, Norfolk, MAIMG_3920

Earth Day/Arbor Day celebrated at Stony Brook Nature Sanctuary, 108 North Street, Norfolk, MA
The Garden Club of Norfolk participated in the Stony Brook Nature Center Celebration on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Michelle Noonan, Stephanie Markham and Liz Davey provided information on the Stony Brook Butterfly Garden and the Garden Club of Norfolk.

Annual Healthy Living Fair with the Norfolk Grange #135, 28 Rockwood Road, Norfolk, MA
Our club had a table at the Healthy Living Fair at the end of April 2018.Garden Club at Healthly Living Fair2

Norfolk Community Day, Holmes Bus Company, 22 Myrtle Street, Norfolk, MA
Anne Prior and Michele Drolette represented the Garden Club of Norfolk at the Annual Norfolk Community Day on June 2, 2018.