Plants Go to War: A Botanical History of World War II

Presented by author Judith Sumner

Co-sponsored by the Garden Club of Norfolk and the Millis Garden Club

Judith Sumner looked military history from a botanical perspective, from Victory Gardens and agriculture to timber, rubber, coal, and cotton, the many plant products that supplied the military and the home front during a time of intense need and high demand.  Her talk included a special look at medicinal plants, including their use in the Pacific War, the County Herb Committees in England, and the development of penicillin as a critical wartime drug. In short, we would not have won the war without plants!

More information about her book, Plants Go to War, can be found on Judith’s website:

This program was held virtually on Wednesday, November 18th. This event was co-sponsored with Millis Garden Club. Our Zoom meeting had a total of 37 participants from several areas garden clubs including Holliston, Franklin and Medfield plus several interested people from Norfolk and Foxboro.