March Garden Tips

2019 March 12019 March 2Cleanup
It is a good time to ready any growing containers and clean flower pots for use. Wash and then rinse with a 1:10 bleach: water solution.

House Plants
Start watering houseplants as the days lengthen with a weak solution of water soluble fertilizer. With the extreme cold we have recently has humidity may be low. If it is, mist houseplant’s foliage with water or set on gravel in trays.

Care of Cuttings
Continue pinching the growing tips of cuttings started during the winter, so that they will become bushy multi stemmed plants by the time you plant them in the garden or in containers.

Prune trees and fall blooming shrubs as permits. If you plan to burn brush, get your permit from your local fire department.Now is time to prune summer or fall blooming shrubs. Wait until after spring blooming shrubs have finished flowering.

Deer Repellingdeer-eating-flowers
Inspect the garden frequently for the first signs of spring growth. If spring bulbs are emerging, use a deer repelling spray on tulips and crocus to prevent them from being “deer dessert.” Repeat as needed throughout their bloom time. Also be sure to spray shrubs that deer are eating.

frost_heaving01Frost Heaving
Watch for heaving of plants.  As the soil warms, some plants are pushed out of the ground, exposing roots to drying air. Gently press plants down into the soil. Perennials prone to heaving include coral bells, heucherella, German bearded iris and foam flower.
(Kerry Ann Mendez)

Start your own SeedsSeedlings 007
Indoors, plant seeds of flowers and vegetables according to package instructions concerning number of weeks before frost, remembering that our frost free date in Norfolk is around May 15.

Order seeds and summer blooming bulbs and tubers. Consult a seed calculator tool (that is one example) for our region to learn proper timing for seed starting so you can avoid weak, spindly seedling. Many seeds may be sown indoors under lights in March and April.