GCN Plant and Bake Sale

The Garden Club of Norfolk Annual Plant and Bake Sale
09420029wDate:   Sat May 21, 2016
Time:   9:00 am – noon Rain or shine
Place:   Town Hill and Gazebo, 139 Main Street, Norfolk

The sale will be held rain or shine. The Town Hill is located at 139 Main Street at the corner or Main Street and Route 115. There is parking at the Norfolk Public Library.

Find the perfect perennials for your sun or shade garden, Advice from enthusiastic gardens; In addition to a  large variety of perennial plants from our members gardens, there will be a selection of· delicious baked good and planting  advice and assistance  from enthusiastic gardeners. Proceeds of the perennial and bake sale support the educational programs and public plantings of the all-volunteer, nonprofit Garden Club of Norfolk.

This year the Norfolk Grange will also be on the Town Hill selling annual and vegetable plants. Don’t miss this opportunity to plan your garden at this great garden day on Town Hill in Norfolk!

Message from Joanne Wason, Plant Sale Chairman

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we need to get into our gardens during our warm spring days. This is just a reminder to be thinking about potting up some
perennials and baking for our May fundraiser. Lately this has been our only fundraiser for the year, so we need all of our members to help in one or more ways.

I have many pots in my garage (all sizes). Starting April 15th, I will leave a selection of sizes to the right of my garage doors next to my house in case you need some. I continue to collect empty pots if any of you have extra to donate. I will also bring some to the April meeting at Stony Brook.

At both the April and May meetings, I will have two signup sheets; one for working the day of the sale, and one for bringing an item for the bake table. We also need as many perennials as you can pot up. We hope to have 200-300 plants to make this event a success.  We can only do this with your support.

Suggestions for your perennials:
You should begin potting up your plants the last week in April and first week in May after you begin to see them popping through the ground. Most perennials like to be divided every 3-5 years. They like the extra room and it’s also a great time to freshen the soil with compost. You can also just take a chunk off the side and fill the space with dirt. Some of us end up having plants that reseed in areas we don’t want them, so you can just pot it up for the sale.

You need to label your plants and indicate its light and water requirements, how tall it gets and color of  flowering plants. If you don’t know its name, just give a description and someone else might know what it is.

I line the bottom of my pots with a piece of newspaper so the soil doesn’t flow out. For labeling, you could use a plastic knife, spoon, popsicle stick, masking tape, etc. and mark with a permanent marker. Remember, these will be out in the weather and we don’t want the rain to  wash off the label.

Thank-you,  Plant chairman: Joanne Wason and Bake table chair: Mary Gould