Donations to the Veterans Garden

View the Plans to Renovate the Lower Garden at Veterans Plaza, Norfolk MA

  • Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts
  • Garden Club of Norfolk
  • Norfolk American Legion Post 335
  • Norfolk Historical Commission
  • Cactus and Succulent Society of Massachusetts
  • Norfolk Lions Club

  • Rick Tedoldi in memory of his wife, Elizabeth and his brother, Bill
  • Liz Davey for 18 Monarda bradburia plants
  • Bob and Emily Nicodemus in memory of her brother, Jim Hulsizer, U.S. Army Intelligence, Vietnam War
  • Nia Tzellas-Davis in honor of Miltiades Tzellas and Alex Koutouvides 
  • Stephanie Hamel in memory of her dad, Frederick Hamel, U.S. Army Korean War and her uncle, Edward Nazzaro, U.S. Navy WWII 
  • Amy Barriero in memory of her grandfather, Crawford Kinney, U.S. Air Force, who flew C-47’s and dropped troops off on D-Day at Normandy Beach
  • Emily Nicodemus and her children, Aaron, Todd and Wendy in honor of her husband and their father, Bob, US Army Engineers, Vietnam War
  • Kerry Demone in honor of John Olivieri, U.S. Army, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines and Herbert McDermott, U.S. Navy
  • C&C Ice Cream Truck, Norfolk MA
  • Sharon Bartelloni in memory of Alissa Bartelloni
  • June Reinhardt, her daughter Priscilla Remis and her family and her son, Paul E. Reinhardt Jr. and his family in memory of her husband and their father Paul E. Reinhardt, U.S. Army
  • Madeline Champagne, in memory of her father, Emory Carl Champagne, II, U.S. Army, a WW II Veteran 
  • Leslie Lincoln in memory of Charlie Anthony, U.S. Army 
  • Peter and Maureen McDermott in memory of John Olivieri, Merchant Marines US Army Coast Guard and Herbert McDermott, U.S. Navy.
  • Charlotte Pfischner
  • Lynne KelliherCovel
  • Sharon Pierce in memory of Charles Smith, U.S. Navy and Leonard Pierce, U.S. Army
  • Michelle Noonan in honor of John McMenamin who served in the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg
  • Michelle Noonan in honor of Bryan Fletcher who served in the Middle East and the Massachusetts Army National Guard
  • David Lupfer in honor of his father, David Lupfer, and his father-in-law, Robert Knox
  • Susan McCarthy In memory of her father, Edwin S. Caplan, U.S. Air Force, Korean War
  • Charles E. McCarthy, Jr. in memory of his father, Corporal Charles E. McCarthy, Sr., 84th Infantry
  • Brian Cushman
  • Nanci Murphy in memory of her dad, William Russell Brownlow,  U.S. Naval Air Force – WWII
  • Thomas Dougherty in memory of Veteran  Thomas L. Dougherty  1909-1966  U.S. Navy
  • Karen Fruci in memory of Walter B. Pierce
  • Geri Tasker In memory of  her dad, William Burrows, U.S. Army, a WWII Veteran 
  • Donna Jones
  • Lyn and Samantha Benton, in honor of Ev Benton, a great husband
    and father, and his fallen friends who gave so much during and after the Vietnam War
  • Beverly Stukas in memory of A. George Stukas, U.S. Navy
  • Lisa Roney
  • Tom and Beth Gilbert in memory of Tom’s father, Rexford Zelmer Gilbert, who served in the Merchant Marine in WWII, Beth’s Mom. a nurse in Patton’s Third Army, and her Dad who worked in MacArthur’s headquarters in the Pacific and in Japan after WWII.
  • Jennifer Shammas, Air and Energy Services Inc in memory of her grandfather Brigadier General Allan R. Greene Sr., U.S. Army WWII and her father Vietnam Army Lieutenant Colonel Allan R. Greene Jr.
  • Daniel Keenan, and Patrick and Denise Keenan in memory of their dad, Arthur Keenan, U.S. Army, WWII serving in Italy.  Artie was in charge of Veterans’ graves in the Norfolk Cemetery.  

Veterans Memorial Plaza
Lower Gardens are the two areas now covered by mulch to the left and right of the granite steps. Total area is 900 sq. feet.